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Friday, November 15, 2019

Four and Twenty (and a Hundred) Black Birds

You will notice I said "black birds," and not blackbirds. These are starlings. And like starlings always do, they swoop in by the hoard. I tried to count and there are something over 130 birds on these trees.

starlings in a tree

And soon after they swoop in, they swoop out!

bare tree at sunset

In other news: I was at a local store all day with my books. I didn't have great sales expectations, but I sold one book and visited with several people. I took my computer and got quite a bit of editing done. I'm surprisingly tired. Tough crunchies! Tomorrow I go to Traverse City for the Women's Expo. At least my back has stopped hurting from the shoveling day.

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Ann said...

I've had my yard filled with starlings before. Where there is one there is a hundred other. I like the sky behind the tree in the second picture.

Secondary Roads said...

It is common, in late summer, for a murmuration of young starlings to descend on our lawn. They carefully scour each inch for food. It doesn't take long because of their numbers. Then they are gone.

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