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Monday, November 4, 2019

Meijer Gardens- Long Views

About a half hour before the vendor event was going to be done on Saturday, I looked up, and there was my friend Robert! It was perfect because I needed to kill some time before I went to the place where I was going to spend the night. We got some dinner and made arrangements to visit Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids the next day. I've been there twice, but never to actually see the garden!

Today I'll just show you some long views. Of course, this late in the season, many of the outside plants have died back, but that was probably good because we only had about 3 hours we could spend there.

I loved the brilliance of this Japanese maple against the banks of chrysanthemums.

Meijer Gardens

The soft color of plants around the Gazebo, and the reflection in the pond is attractive too. I could have brightened up the image, but chose to leave it soft.

Meijer Gardens

All the waterways are man-made. Each rock was placed with care, and they sure don't look artificial. This is the way to do waterfalls if you are going to build them.

Meijer Gardens

Meijer Gardens

Here's a nice long view of the Japanese Garden. Quite beautiful for November, I think.

Meijer Gardens

Robert is a member, and he's allowed to bring one guest in. We had a wonderful time botanizing, and it didn't cost me a thing! He says that a membership in one of these gardens gives you reciprocal privileges at many gardens across the US. Think about a year of botanical garden visiting!

It was great to see my buddy.


Tomorrow, I'll show you some nifty plant details. You knew I would.

In other news: I wrote all morning and edited and formatted all afternoon. Need to buckle down and do this a lot of days.

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Ann said...

What a great place to visit. Really beautiful. I like that waterfall.

Secondary Roads said...

Stunning. How beautiful would it be at its peak? For once, Ann didn't already use the words I had in mind. (Perhaps I'm slipping?)

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