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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Northlandz- A Few More Pictures

Today was awesome, but I'll show you more about that tomorrow because I want to share a few more pictures from Northlandz model railroad. These aren't any particular grouping, they just show a little more of what's there.

First of all, the roundhouse. Unless you have a really big layout there isn't room to make one of these look right. You can see this one fits nicely- not too crowded.

Northlandz model railroad roundhouse

Next we have one of the jokes. See the quarry pit all around that tall column with the houses on top? The sign said, "Grandma's Pit. Everyone sold to the quarry company except Grandma, so the quarry company dug around her and gave her a bridge to get out."

Northlandz model railroad quarry

Every big layout has room for a serious train wreck.

Northlandz model railroad wreck

I liked this country corner. I have the same kit as the house in front.

Northlandz model railroad country corner

A view down one of the deep valleys.

Northlandz model railroad valley

A town clinging to the cliffside.

Northlandz model railroad cliff houses

And, on any layout, when you have to change the elevation of the track and you don't have much room you need a spiral. Instead of hiding this one out of sight, they made it part of a quarry operation.

Northlandz model railroad spiral

I think this has been enough to give you a good idea of what this place is like. Definitely worth a visit.

In other news: You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what I did all day today!

See Northlandz- Big Picture
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Ann said...

I like the one with Grandmas pit. Not sure I would want to live in a town that was clinging to the side of a cliff

Lin said...

Wow! they are very talented and imaginative. I would LOVE to see this in person. Did they have a Pope in there?? Just asking...

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