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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Framing and Friends

  Please notice that I did not say "framing friends." That would be in really poor taste, even for a mystery writer.

Cathy met me at the store today, and then helped me get the full sheets of siding and foam that I needed to buy. Unless I've calculated something really, really poorly, I shouldn't need any more help with a truck. You can see my loot behind us... in the weeds with everything else. two people with a pile of siding

What I did today is the kind of thing that looks really impressive because, suddenly, there is a structure that wasn't there before. Framing is fun. In this picture, I just have the two straight walls in place and tacked together. framing for a well pit

I did get one of the angled walls built and put in place. Some of the pieces are cut for the other one, so hopefully it will go together easier than this one did. framing for a well pit

I did mention friends, plural. Another friend stopped by to pick up some things. Also, Joshua came by to explain some things to me. You know that none of those events happened in a flash. And I also had to do some errands. On top of that, I did manage to work a little bit on extra materials for the book.

The weather forecast is now saying no rain before Tuesday. I think I'm in good shape to get this well pit cover done by then if I don't let up.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Yes, framing is fun!

Ann said...

Another productive day. It's looking good.

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