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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nature Blog Group

It looks like an explosion in a powdered sugar factory outside. We have about 8 inches of new fluff. The dog and I went out, but I was happy enough to keep my hands in the mittens. And I'll have to go clear the driveway when hubby calls that he's an hour away.

Meanwhile, I'm going to post earlier than I usually do today, because I'm pretty excited about this.

I checked with the powers that be, and it seems that the groups (not official categories) which exist to help people click on blogs that are within their interest group are just put together by individuals. After chatting with some other writers of blogs with Nature / Outdoors themes it seems that the Entrecard administration has been asked more than once to create an official category for those of us who fit this category best. They have not said "never," but at the same time, there doesn't appear to be anything happening to make it a reality.

So, following the example of a couple of existing groups, I have built a page at Nature Lovers Group. Check it out! You can add the banner to your blog if you would simply like to link to nature blogs, or you can do that and also apply to have your blog added to the lists.

Here are the "rules" for application. This group is for nature lovers. Your blog must have more than 60% of the entries focused on some aspect of nature study, quiet outdoor activites, nature photography, etc. to be approved. Pets has its own Entrecard group and blogs focused on pets may or may not fit this group. (Dog and cat blogs are unlikely to fit.) The standards are subjective. If I think your blog fits... you're in!

If your blog seems to meet these requirements, apply to Sharkbytes. Include the URL of your blog and the categories you would like to be placed in. You may join more than one category. Thanks for loving the outdoors!

And why was it a quality day? I learned a new snippet of coding, and I should make some new friends through this group.


Lin said...

Good idea to have a nature category!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the category. While I live in the middle of nowhere, my blog doesn't qualify, but that doesn't mean I wont check out those who do :).

Sharkbytes said...

Anne- thank you so much. One person contacted me today, but I think it will take a little while for people to find it.

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