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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Stillness


I've been smiling at this small empty nest all winter. Today, with snow piled on it and the weak sun behind, it seemed a symbol of the hush which winter places on the world.

And then there is the creek which flows through the cemetery. It's one of my favorite places near my house. My daily walk goes by it every non-winter day. But the paths are too narrow and steep for skis or snowshoes, so my winter walks usually just skirt the fields.

However, on January 6 after we had a big thaw, I did venture over to see the creek. It was like suddenly coming upon an old friend in an unexpected place. I was only thinking about walking in the cemetery, and then I was looking down on the creek and nearly clapping my hands like a child with delight at the ribbon of water.

Today I decided that I was going to go down to the creek even if it was difficult. There is one valley that leads to creek level that is fairly easy to walk in the summer. I managed to get down it with the snowshoes, but there is a tree down that will have to be cut out. Climbing over it was interesting. But then I did get down to the creek, and the very cold weather has completely stilled it for now. This shot is of the same place in the creek as the one from Jan 6, just from a different angle.

We are actually warmer than most of the state today. It was a balmy 8 degrees here. Even so, after about 30 minutes the dog and I were both ready to come inside.

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Lin said...

I, too, like the creek that you "found". It is really lovely with all the snow around it. But, I am growing tired of the snow--we have too much!

Sharkbytes said...

Well, I really like the snow until around March sometime. Then I'm not crazy about mud season until the green things start to pop.

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