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Friday, February 15, 2013

Strapping the Newspapers

The last mechanical step in the newspaper stuffing line is where a plastic strap is sealed around a bundle of papers. After the papers leave the stacker, they travel along a conveyor where one or two people check the piles for correct numbers. Sometimes they come out of the stacker fine, and sometimes they are a mess and have to be checked.

At the left of the picture, notice the frame that has a clear bar with yellow edges above it.

newspaper strapper

You can either let the papers go along the conveyor, or manually put the stack under the frame. Then the clear bar comes down like a guillotine (see the yellow caution stripe at the bottom of it?). That holds the papers and the plastic strap snaps down around the papers and is sealed.

newspaper strapper

Then the bundles go in tubs to await the carriers to come pick them up.

Today was pretty good. I didn't get reprimanded very much at all. I got to do a couple of slightly more responsible things. We were shorthanded in the afternoon, so we had to really hustle. I actually like that better than waiting around.

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Ann said...

Couldn't help laughing at the "didn't get reprimanded very much at all"

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann- Well, it's true. I don't like being micro-managed, and I've had to accept a lot of it and remain cheerful.

RNSANE said...

I'd rather work at See's candy. at least you get to sample the wares. Of course, forget any hopes of losing weight there.

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