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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Part of the Critter List

Just because we were hiking in well-populated areas didn't mean a lack of wildlife. Perhaps we saw more than people who whiz past in cars. I know they didn't see these beauties. The creek is well below bridge level and the deer had a nice little watering hole all to themselves in the midst of an area filled with busy traffic.


We saw quite a few great blue herons. They have become commonplace, but are still such great birds to watch. Here's a shot from a different angle than the usual side silhouette.

great blue heron

Another sad story in the road. This is a little garter snake, dead. His color pattern is a little bit unusual with the light reddish-brown and the darker spots, making him look somewhat checkered. I hate seeing snakes dead in the road.

garter snake

All too common are the Canada geese. Not my favorite bird. But who can resist such a classic picture with babies?

Canada geese

And finally, a rather unusual sighting. Rare for Ohio. A koala.

burl like koala

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jeanlivingsimple said...

Love your photos. Sad about the snake. I like snakes too. A Koala in the States? Where did it come from? :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Cute Koala!

vanilla said...

Nice nature walk today. Surely don't see many them koala hereabouts. ;-)

John Sealander said...

I always love your animal and plant photos. Now you got me worried about poison hemlock though... :)

Secondary Roads said...

wOW! You actually captured a photo of the elusive and extremely rare Ohio Koala! Congrats. I hope you reported that to C & W (Conservation and wildlife).

Seriously, great shots all.

Unknown said...

I love all these pics, especially the koala. And I envy you having the opportunities to get them.

Ann Thompson said...

what an interesting pattern on that snake. Nice capture of the rare and bashful Ohio Koala....lol

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