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Thursday, February 4, 2016

More of Sylvia's Neighbors

Although the lambs were the big hit of the walk Sylvia and I took on Monday, we were surely entertained by other neighbors of hers.

I'll present them in the order we met them. First, the very friendly goats who came right over and demanded grass from the other side of the fence. We complied.


Next were the cows. They weren't all that interested in us, but the calf was a little curious.


Oddly enough, the horse was also uninterested.


The black sheep of this family sure didn't think of himself as an outcast.


And his little white goat buddy decided to walk with us till he ran out of pasture.


The sky was blue and there was almost no snow that day. Chuck says they are now all white again. We sure are here! But who knew that I'd only have to go a few miles south of me to have a mini-spring vacation. It was great!

I got extra work hours tomorrow, so I'm going to bed early after I make a salad. We have a party tomorrow too.

See Lambs
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Secondary Roads said...

You had a beautiful for a walk. B E U T full!

Ann said...

you met some fine friends along the way. That last goat is a real cutie.
We had snow this morning but by the time I left work the sun was out and the snow had all melted off

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- we sure did! A little taste of almost springtime.

Ann- we are back in deep snow again. That's OK, it's February!

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