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Thursday, February 11, 2016

And the Solution

A quick stop at the store, and voila... (well, ok, and a little work.but PVC pipe is easy).

sink plumbing

Please note that the water is running strongly from the faucet into the sink, and there is no corresponding stream from the pipe into the cupboard. Yeah! (Also see the nifty flashlight Omer got me for Christmas.)

sink plumbing

Cleaned it all out, and put everything back. Except the rags that go in the pink bucket in the back are all in the washer. Most of them got soaked, and I used all the ones that weren't already wet to clean things up. Plus a couple of old towels.

sink plumbing

In other news, it was a beautiful day! Cleared the driveway and caught some Vitamin D. I didn't get their picture, but would you believe that a pair of eagles flew right over my house? Probably not the same pair from a couple of days ago. They were 15 miles away. But you never know. These two were headed for the river.

blue sky

See I Think I Found the Problem
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Ann said...

Good job. Is there anything you can't do?

Secondary Roads said...

Your repairs look great. I love to see the eagles around here. I keep my eyes open trying to catch another sighting of the golden eagle.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- sure enough, and a couple I won't.

Chuck- I've never seen a golden here. I wonder if they don't share well with the balds

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