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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spirit of the Woods Snowshoe Hike

Today was the monthly hike. With a lot of people signing up for the Hike 100 challenge on the NCT we had a good turnout. And we had a nice day and plenty of snow.


Over 20 people showed up! A surprising number of us had wooden snowshoes, mostly due to the fact that the Michigan state parks have been running programs for years whereby people can lace their own with neoprene.


We split into two groups so the people who wanted to get in five miles toward the challenge could do so, and another group did a shorter, possibly slower hike. (My total is now at 9 miles)

Anyway, ten of us made it from Udell Hills Road to the outer loop at Big M, and back. Five miles on snowshoes is a good solid walk.


Great day. I slept all afternoon, since I didn't sleep much after work. Headed back to bed soon. Good day.

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The Furry Gnome said...

I like those wooden snowshoes!

Secondary Roads said...

We've had a good winter for getting outside.

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