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Friday, July 15, 2016

Stan Hywet

Time to show you the really touristy thing Marie and I did in Ohio. We really enjoy historic house tours. This one is the biggest house I've ever been through. It has 65 rooms. It was built by F.A. Sieberling of Goodyear Rubber fame. The name is Old English for "stone quarry," and you pronounce it Stan HEE-wit.

We thought we couldn't afford it, but found out that it's half price on Senior day. Sometimes getting old is good for something.

Stan Hywet

I won't take you through all the rooms, but perhaps you'd like a taste. For example, the music room where parties and events were held is 2700 square feet. That's the size of a moderate-sized house all by itself.

music room

The kitchen was large, but about the size of a decent church kitchen. There were numerous large pantries for storing other things. It was also possible to cook in the pantry off the breakfast room.


The bedrooms were actually quite interesting, but the grandest was the master bedroom. Again, it was a large as an apartment.

master bedroom

The house had a gym, a bowling alley, and a swimming pool. They were great advocates of physical fitness.

swimming pool

At the other end of the size spectrum, there was a small room just for flower arranging!

flower arranging room

We love seeing what life was like a century ago (the house was built in 1915), whether the scale was grand or otherwise.

The gardens were stunning, so I'll show you some scenes from those in the next few days.

I'm off to work in a bit.

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Ann said...

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Call me odd but my favorite of all the rooms is the one for flower arranging.

Secondary Roads said...

It would be interesting to visit.