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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Glen Helen

Yesterday on the way home from Cincinnati, Ester and I stopped at one of the real beauty spots of Ohio, the Glen Helen Natural Area at Yellow Springs.

Glen Helen

Ester has a bad knee (so long walks are out of the question for her), but we took a short walk and stretched our legs and gave Jade a bit of exercise.

The area was donated to Antioch College in 1929 to be preserved in perpetuity. There are 1000 acres within the rocky glen, with 20 miles of hiking trails. I've only ever sampled the very western edge in the three times I've been there.

Glen Helen sign

There are lots of rocks and a waterfall (that I've never seen).

Glen Helen

It's supposed to be spectacular when the spring wildflowers are in bloom. I need to actually plan to be there at the right time some year.

Glen Helen sign

It's a really neat place at any time of year, but I sure would like the wildflower season. The Buckeye/North Country Trail goes right by it, on the paved Rail Trail, which is how I found it in the first place.

Home safe and sound, and I'll be back at work tomorrow morning, but you know where my mind will be.

See Buckeye Trail- Cincinnati Spur
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Ann said...

Looks nice there. Too bad you have to go back to work already

Secondary Roads said...

It would be a great adventure to explore all of that area.

Lin said...

Beautiful! You will just have to keep it in your heart while you work.