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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Color My World

I have a card reader! Actually I'm pretty happy with it-- we'll see if it lives up to expectations. At any rate, I can get the pictures from the last few days off my camera.

Just thought I'd bring you some color from my world.

I've been waiting for that begonia in my planter to kick into gear and bloom. Here you go! Now I have hot pink, purple and orange. Theoretically, these are my least favorite colors, but these are intense, not pastels, and I love the way it looks.

planter with bright flowers

This month's full moon was known as a blood moon. But early in the evening the sky was the deep, deep blue I love so much.

deep blue sky with moon

As it got higher, the deep orange color of the moon showed through. I had to use a filter to get the camera to see it, but this was about how it looked to the naked eye.

deep orange full moon

This morning, the sunrise was peachy and glowing. Sorry about the wires, but I can't go unclip them when I want to take pictures.

sunrise with glowing clouds

On today's walk, I found the cut-leaf teasel in bloom.

cut-leaf teasel flowers

And the highbush cranberry (really a viburnum) is just beginning to redden.

highbush cranberry

Hope you enjoyed the bright spots in life as much as I did!

In other news: rebuilding my files is going... s-l-o-w-l-y, but I didn't expect anything else. I'll need to take it in small doses-- it's making me nuts. I also wrote my monthly column for the newspaper.

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Ann said...

Your planter is putting on quite a show with all that wonderful color. Love the shot of the moon. I heard it was supposed to be a blood moon and I meant to look for it but forgot. Your picture is great. I've never been able to get a decent picture of the moon

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann- sometimes I have luck with moon pix and sometimes not. Who knows why. I'm loving that planter!