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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

La Vie en Rose

The original song was written in 1945, and has been an international hit by various artists off and on ever since. It's a love song... of a woman who finally finds love in the arms of a man. But it has sort of become a symbolic song of finding happiness after difficult times because of its release just following WWII.

peachy rose

This rose was blooming outside Rick and Ellen's house where we had our reunion. This rose changes from pink to peachy to gold tones as it opens.

peachy rose

It seems like a good symbol of the time the Impossibles had together. Not a one of the team members has had the life we all imagined as young people. There have been difficult bumps along the way for each one. Life changes in hue and color, but ever unfolds, and becomes a thing of beauty.

peachy rose

As we shared and prayed and hugged... wondering of course, if we would all be there for a 60th or even 55th reunion, we can all say, despite the bumps and bruises, that life is a thing of happy hues where love is found, la vie en rose.

Home safely... tomorrow I have to get busy again.

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Ann said...

What beautiful roses. I like the symbolism too. I wonder if there are many who can say that their life turned out just as they had imagined. I know mine isn't even close.

Secondary Roads said...

Stunning rose with a lovely transformation. Life certainly took a much different path than I could imagine. Yet in the final stage it has been very good. The rough stretches served their purpose well.

vanilla said...

Reuning is a good thing. Roses are good things. I had a cultivar very similar to this one for over a quarter-century. It survived two moves and some neglect from time to time, but it did not return to bless us this summer. "For everything there is a season. . ."

Sharkbytes said...

Ann-not many, I would guess!

Chuck- I will have to hear the story of what you did imagine some time.

Vanilla- Roses can be fickle as well as symbolic. I'm more of a realist than this post would suggest.