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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mason County Garden Tour 2018- Planters

More from the Mason County Garden Tour on Sunday.

Planters are always interesting things. They are sort of like flower arranging with live plants because you want the form of the whole thing to be interesting, in addition to the plant material. Here's a variety.

Of course, you don't have to go buy something expensive. Got an old wheelbarrow? Lots of room for mounds of color. I think the plants are Voodoo Star Verbena, a New Guinea impatiens with variegated leaves, African Daisy, and Ipomea (Sweet Potato vine).

Mason County Garden Tour wheelbarrow planter

Here's a good old fashioned window box, but on a barn, so impressive size was important so they wouldn't look tiny. There were two of these.

I think the plants are a black Ipomea, white geranium, New Guinea impatiens, bacopa, and maybe a super petunia.

Mason County Garden Tour window planter

This one may be my favorite, just because it's sort of outrageously different. It's a spider plant and a fleece flower, but I love how they work together and create an almost electric mix.

Mason County Garden Tour spidery planter

Sometimes you don't need a ton of plant material. This one fiery begonia is a perfect contrast to the cool blue planter. And the leaf shapes are almost mirrored.

Mason County Garden Tour begonia in planter

This one is pretty traditional, but I love the way the color grades from the geranium through the green coleus with a little black, to the dark coleus with a little green, to the black Ipomea.

Mason County Garden Tour coleus planter

This one went for all hot colors. Hot planter, hot New Guinea impatiens, hot Gerbara daisy, hot decoration.

Mason County Garden Tour planter in reds and orange

More to come tomorrow.

In other news: I worked all day on the Writers' Rendezvous. It was cooler and that made me really happy!

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1 comment:

Ann said...

All are great but that first one in the wheelbarrow is my favorite.