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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mason County Garden Tour 2018 Overview

Yesterday, I drove around to the six locations on this year's Mason County Garden Tour. Each summer there are several local gardens showcased. the ticket money goes to the Garden Club's scholarship fund, so it's all for a good cause.

Today, I'll do overview pics of the six places, but they aren't really very good pictures because all the gardens were too big to get into one frame, and also because I wasn't really thinking about trying to get long shots of each garden. But this way I can tell you about the sites, and then go on with details of plants other days.

My first stop (you can do them in any order) was out in the country. This is a actually a commercial day lily farm, so they had tons to see and I should have gone there last so I could have spent more time. I didn't know how long to allow per site. There were also a number of beds of mixed flowers and beautiful planters.

Mason County Garden Tour

My next stop was also in the country. This garden was more reasonably residential sized with a pathway and a little bridge and this water feature. This picture doesn't show hardly any of the nice plants. Just poor picture planning on my part.

Mason County Garden Tour

The next three were all in town. At this one, I tried to take an overview, but mostly managed to get lawn and not so much of the flowers. They had a nice mix of plants with some big succulents and other things that have to be taken inside every winter.

Mason County Garden Tour

The most unique one on this year's tour (I have done this in the past but not for a few years) was a huge landscaped area in a woodland. Almost all of the space was in shade and it was filled with pathways, little nooks with seating or hammocks, a stream and pond, and a few annuals for color. Lots of use of textures and foliage because of all the shade.

Mason County Garden Tour

I stayed longest at the next one because it was created by a friend of mine, but I didn't get a good overview picture at all, and I could have because it was mostly around two sides of a city lot. What I did get a picture of is the spiral garden with a birdbath at the center. I liked this one a lot, not only because it's my friend's, but she also likes using plants with colorful foliage and lots of textural variety.

Mason County Garden Tour

My last stop was again in the country on the way back to my house. This is a large back yard garden with lots of planters and ornamentation and lots of color. However, my best overview shot shows the very nice hosta bed... because you know I like hostas.

Mason County Garden Tour

I'll start showing you pretty plants tomorrow.

What did I do today? Not much. The heat really gets to me.

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Ann said...

All of them look wonderful. I so wish I had a green thumb.

Unknown said...
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Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Green thumb won't help with too many brown furry friends. Enjoy the people who can keep 'em out. My friend said they spend a fortune on repellants.