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Friday, August 24, 2018

Red Things

Last week, one night when I couldn't sleep there was a very bright spot in the southern sky. It was so bright, I decided to see if I could get the camera to focus and figure out what it was. Focus was beyond my camera's capabilities. I think it's Mars, but if you are an astronomy buff, feel free to correct me.


This is how bright it was without much magnification.


Just another day later, the sunrise was intensely red. The warning part didn't pan out, though. Still no rain. However, I liked the paired birds.

red sunrise

The light from this sunrise was so red it colored my kitchen wall.

red sunrise light

And all this dry weather is stressing the plants. They think it's fall already. Virginia Creeper already turning bright red.

red virginia creeper

In other news: I did a whole bunch of stupid little tasks that don't leave me feeling as if I've accomplished anything. I worked a little more on my hiking menus, and then walked 5 3/4 miles with no pack. I decided to go for distance and was going to do 7 miles, but then my weather app (and my observations) said it was going to rain, so I went home. No rain. So did I redeem any further time? I did not. I read a book.

Oh yeah, and I finally did something about the background on this blog.

See Virginia Creeper
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Ann said...

A new look for the blog. I almost thought I was in the wrong place...lol
I had heard that mars was supposed to be visible so it's very possible that's what you got a picture of there. Love that sunrise.

Lin said...

I like the new look!

It's been raining here this week, thank goodness. It was really dry too. My potted plants are dead.

Secondary Roads said...

Great new look. I love it!

That is probably Mars. It should viewing should be as good as it gets.

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