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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Closer to Ready

Two big pieces of the puzzle- ready.

The new hitch is attached. The old one was the smaller size shank, so I couldn't just switch it out, and it had rusted to the hitch receiver anyway. Lesson learned. I think I'll pull this one out when I'm not towing. I have a cover for the receiver.

trailer hitch

And the extra set of new car keys along with the trailer keys are ready to hand off to Marie. We always keep a set of the other person's keys when traveling together. Saw the key ring for a buck and couldn't resist. Wish the hitch and ball had been an equivalent price. Heck, I would have gladly paid a buck each. Haha.

keys on a flamingo key chain

In other news: Well! I managed to get rid of the old car. Didn't get more than scrap value for it, but it's not my problem any more. That needed to happen before I left.

Spent the afternoon doing errands and shopping. Therefore, you can assume I'm grumpy, but I'm that much closer to ready. Winding down now. Need to hit the deck running tomorrow morning. Still a LOT on my list.

Tomorrow night... I'll show you what the inside of the trailer looks like for our trip. Don't miss it!.

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Ann said...

That's a good idea with the keys. Cute keychain

Secondary Roads said...

Nice key ring--it is so you.

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