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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tiny Trailer Miscellany

There isn't much from today that is picture-worthy, so I'll just show you this tiny bit of forward progress on the trailer. It doensn't even count as a "day" of work, but these needed to happen.

I got one of those on-line coupons for Lowes that was only good today. I only got $5, but hey, it's $5. ($500 would have been so awesome, but I'm not complaining.) So I went and bought this hitch lock that I've been wanting to get. Formerly, there was just a bolt stuck through it. If someone had wanted to, they could have just hitched the whole trailer up and driven it away.

trailer hitch lock

This is an old picture, but you may recall that there was no key for the door. I'm not sure I ever mentioned that I was able to get it re-keyed for a very reasonable price. This was done long ago. Let's be honest, if someone wanted to break into one of these trailers it's super easy, but at least if they did, I could honestly tell the insurance company that it was locked.

trailer door latch and lock

And then I put those keys on my primary key ring, and also with my spare car key. When Marie and I travel we always make sure we each have a set of both vehicle keys. So that's all set to go.

keys on a key ring

I fooled around a little bit inside, just sorting and packing things that we'll need to have with us on the trip- the kitchen box, the extension cord, stuff like that. I tacked the wires up out of the way and screwed the front reflectors back in place (temporary until that part of the trailer is painted).

In other news: I wrote in the morning, and worked on projects in the afternoon that can't be pictured. I have 3 presentations (one longish, two short) that I have to have ready for before Tuesday. A good productive day.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Yep, $5 is $5. Every little bit helps