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Monday, September 30, 2019

Sunny is Home

Here you go... Sunny is home and parked in his spot. Partially unpacked. I'll try to start bringing you pictures of things besides the trailer tomorrow!

fiberglass trailer

He pulled quite well in the wind and rain. No complaints there. I think the former car towed it a little better- maybe because that vehicle was a little longer. I was never able to adjust the load to get it to be quite as smooth as with the other car. But since I'm not done with the inside that will be different next time anyway.

Before I even went home, I went to get my computer. It still needed some work, so I went to get a few more tweaks done on the new phone at Verizon. Now that's working better. And I was able to bring home the (totally blank except for an operating system and browser) computer

First item of business at home was to have a dish of my favorite ice cream. Been missing that.

dish of ice cream

Now, I'm working on getting my software all reloaded, and signed back in to all the sites I use all the time, and all the settings adjusted. Wow, just wow.

But, at least I can do a blog post for the first time in 3 weeks.

One more trailer picture, just because it's so funny. When I woke up this morning, at the Walmart in Illinois, there was another 2013 Forester parked beside mine, towing another unusual trailer. Looks like a little utility trailer made over for travel. When I walked by there was a kitty cat looking out the back window. But, of course, when I went to take its picture, it was gone. I left before the owners were up.

two travel trailers pulled by 2013 Foresters

Now I have to get busy. I have one computer task I have to do yet tonight! But I think I have the software loaded that I need.

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Ann said...

Well that trip seemed to go by fast. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

Secondary Roads said...

With those foresters gathered like that, I'm wondering, Was there a lumberjack or lumberjill convention?

Lin said...

I never thought of the Walmart! Do you have to stay in the camper overnight in the parking lot? Darn it....we have a Walmart near here...we could have parked Sunny there and brought you home for the night. But, then...I would worry about keeping it safe. Are Walmart lots safe??

I am still so sad that we couldn't host you. We HAVE to make that work one of these days.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Ice cream is an important part of any day. Especially one at the end of a long trip!"

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