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Monday, June 8, 2020

On Location in the Rock Garden


Trying to et the technology figured out so I can blog from my hike. This post is being done with the phone and my Jelly Comb keyboard.

I can't seem to stop myself from playing in the dirt. Even though it's fairly pointless since I'll be gone so much. Nevertheless, here I am.

person in a garden

I've found a few things that I'm glad are still alive. Here is a miniature pachysandra.

miniatue pachysandra

And a variegated vinca. I like this but it doesn't really stay where you put it.

variegated vinca

This is a Vera Jameson Sedum which used to have very dark leaves. But it has reverted to plain blue green. Nevertheless, it's alive. And there are a few dward iris in the vicinity. I'm amazed any of those have survived.

vera jameson sedum

And here's my new Lemon Ball sedum. I split it so I get two puddles instead of one. This clump is flankned by two little resin turtle given to me by a friend, long ago.

lemon ball sedum

So, now I get to find out how this atually looks on the blog. I'll have no way o rotate pictures, and Blogger has a mind of it own on that issue. I can tell yuo that even with the keyboard, this is a pain in the patootie, We shall see if I'm willing to do this every night on the trail.

See A Little More Garden

1 comment:

Ann said...

I should have done some playing in the dirt since I have a mess in my yard but I am not a fan of weeding.
Everything looks good. I know I wouldn't want to try and blog from my phone. I have a hard enough time doing a text without a million typos. Of course I don't have any kind of keyboard to use.

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