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Friday, June 16, 2023

Peter Wolfe Chapter Fun

I am home safe and sound. Bill is at his cabin. David is also home. All is well.

Last night we were treated to a nice meal by members of the Peter Wolfe Chapter of the NCTA. The miles we covered on this hike are theirs (and also some of the miles east of here that I did in the winter). Their chapter is spread out over a huge distance, but some were able to come out.
dinner in a restaurant

The lady on the left is Chapter President, Connie, whom I've known for years. On the right is Marj, the mother of Oren Krumm, for whom the shelter I showed you a couple of days ago is named. I was so happy to finally meet her.

I have to say that the last half of the hike was much easier than the first half because the guys sprung for a motel room to get us out of the mosquitoes for at least part of each 24-hour time period. We ended up with a "suite" with a kitchenette, and the guys had a separate bedroom. It was really perfect. I won't complain about hot showers and easy tick checks.
motel room

One of their decorative signs urged us to explore. I don't think we needed any extra prompting!

Here we are (although clean!). Bill (left) has hiked over 1000 miles of this journey with me, and David (right) has the second-highest total with about 125 miles. This section was immensely more fun with them along. I'm sure I could have slogged through the mosquitoes alone every day, but I almost certainly would have been crabbier.

I'm going to close this post with a picture of the end of Keweenaw Bay at L'Anse, just because my friend, Theresa, who grew up nearby, asked me to take one. So there.

Miles today on foot: ZERO, except to and from the car. Tomorrow I just need to basically get ready for Sunday, and maybe I'll be able to mow a little bit of lawn.

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Ann said...

Looks like a nice turnout for dinner. Having a motel room to get away from the mosquitos would make things much nicer.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- we'd pretty much had it with the skeeters