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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Trap Hills/ Double Digits - Day 429

We got into the serious portion of the Trap Hills. This is probably the hilliest sustained section of the trail in Michigan.
hikers at an overlook

Generally, the trail climbs and follow the edges of several segments of rocky escarpment. Occasionally the trail breaks out on bare rocks with awesome vistas.
Trap Hills Vista

This is all part of the Ottawa National Forest.
Ottawa National Forest Sign

Treats include Northern Maidenhair fern,
northern maidenhair fern

A tiger swallowtail on a dandelion,

And my first turtle rescue of the year, a large painted turtle in the road.
painted turtle

And the double digits? I have fewer than 100 miles to go to complete this trek!

Miles today: 9.4. Total miles so far: 4721.7.

See Finishing the Porkies


Ellie said...

Hard to believe that this scenery is in Michigan! Thank you so much for sharing. Are you east of the Porkies? I have hiked in the Porkies, but don't remember anything as rugged as this terrain.

Ann said...

Amazing views. Love that Maidenhair fern.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Ooh! There are butterflies on the trail?"
Chaplin: "Maybe we should take up hiking ..."

Sharkbytes said...

Ellie- yes, this is east of the Porkies. Definitely the most rugged terrain in MI.

Ann= It is an awesome place

C&C- the butterflies go wherever they want. Sometimes it is on the trail.