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Thursday, June 1, 2023

A High Probability of Naughtiness

I can not be trusted in a garden center. Especially one that has great plants at reasonable prices. I will probably kick myself later for spending this money, but...

I'll tell you more about them when they are placed where they belong, but basically, I got another Brunnera, a Heuchera, and three hardy sedums for the rock garden. If the labels can be believed these really will survive. They say at least 8 hours of sun a day and the wimpiest one is hardy to -10 degrees.
potted plants

If you look carefully, you'll see wire cages over the hosta that are in the ground. That has saved them from being chewed. Pretty much. I see a few nibbles gone, but not wholesale destruction.

In other news: I got the big editing job done. I have one other fairly big job to do tomorrow, a bunch of small stuff, packing, and a pretty-much-all-day event with the Spirit of the Woods Chapter on Saturday. I have to be ready to roll to the UP Sunday morning.

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Ann said...

I often kick myself for spending money. Honestly, if it makes you happy, I think it's worth every cent spent.

Lin said...

I'm with you--the garden center is one place in which I have ZERO self-control. I go back often and always find something new and interesting. I'm having fun in our new yard because it is so big and the previous owner did nothing other than plant background bushes. We added mulch and a sprinkler system to make it easier to take care of.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- thanks, but I need to be a lot careful with the funds right now.

Lin- o, wow! Have a blast picking plants.