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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maggie Says- Hurry Up

dog walking

Hi there, all you friends of my mom. These pictures are actually from the other day when it was so windy, but mom wouldn't give me a turn until today. She's been really busy, so it seems like she could have let me tell my story, but I love her anyway. OK, we went for a road walk, which meant I had to wear the leash. I don't mind, but the wind was so strong that even my ears were blowing. Can you see it? I can feel it. So I wanted Mom to hurry up.

wood ducks

Mom was surprised to see some ducks in a little puddle that sometimes doesn't even have water. She dragged me over to the edge of the hill and took a bunch of pictures. That camera thing must see good because they were too far away to see much at all without it. But later she said that these were wood ducks, and now she knows that because of that white eye patch on the female. All that green stuff is just duckweed. I hope it made the ducks happy. Arf, arf. I made a joke!

I thought this was much more interesting. This little one wasn't much bigger than I am. And she was pretty naive. She didn't even run away when we got really close. But she was too near the road, so I'm glad that she finally slipped back in between the corn rows in the field.

It was a nice walk, and on the last part the wind blew us home. Today the wind was calmer. We just walked our path out back. But that's ok, I never get tired of that. I'm a D-O-G! (But don't tell, my mom thinks I'm a human.)

See Swamp Rose Mallow and a Ducky Solution


Secondary Roads said...

Thanks Maggie for sharing your adventure with us. I'm sure glad your mom let you get a word in.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Funny, around here, it's the dogs who think they're people.

Ann said...

So good to see you again Maggie. Duke has been wondering what you've been up to lately. He thinks your walk looked like a lot of fun.

The Retired One said...

Wood ducks! I am so hoping to catch some this fall with my lens...good for you!!!

spinninglovelydays said...

Your joke made me laugh, Maggie. Thanks for sharing your adventure. :)

Jean said...

Maggie, I enjoy seeing your ears flapping in the wind, the wood ducks, and the fawn. Plus...I love your sense of humor.:)
Say hi to your Mom for me.

Lin said...

Gees, all these dogs are making me work out!! I've got Sadie (Beaded Tail) and Duke taking me for walks and adventures already--now you, Maggie???! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Maggie says-
Thank you Chuck, I'm an articulate woofer.

Dennis- but you look like me, you like to roll in stuff like me...

Ann- I would love to go for a walk with Duke. But I don't like swimming.

Ivy- Arf, arf! I am a good joker.

Jean- I have lovely ears. Thank you for noticing.

Lin- it's so good for you, and how else will I get my walk?

Shark says-
Joan- Maybe I can sneak back there alone and get some better pix

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