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Monday, September 27, 2010


soda machine in woods

I had been thinking about doing a post about orange things, and this sight just pushed it right over the edge... as soon as I finished laughing. Just in case someone doesn't recognize this, it's an antique soda machine, inexplicably dumped in the woods.
orange ferns

A few steps farther along I found this cinnamon fern, looking... very cinnamony.
devil hawkweed

This is one of the orange images that I already had. This is devil hawkweed if you live in the Midwest. I grew up calling it Indian paintbrush. At any rate, it's Hieracium aurantiacum.
monarch butterfly

Finally, here is one more shot of a monarch butterfly. I finally caught one with its wings open!


Ratty said...

Such a wonderful list of orange! I've always fantasized about having a soda machine in my house, but not an old rusty one. I just kept thinking it is such a shame that it was left there to rust when I saw it there.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Thank you for dedicating a post to my favorite color! And, hmm, that must be one of those wandering soda machines I read about in some cyberpunk novel whose name I can't remember. They would go somewhere hot and park for a while, then walk back to home base full of money. Guess that one got lost.

Jean said...

I love the color Orange! What a nice array of subjects. The Monarch is my favorite!

rainfield61 said...

You have to bring along some oranges.

RNSANE said...

Nice oranges, Joan. I remember doing one for Jenny Matlock's Rainbow Summer School. It is not my favorite color - yellow is but it did look nice in your presentation ( not the rusting soda dispenser, really ). Why would anyone litter the woods with that!!

Lin said...

I love orange--can you guess why??? ;)

That is a male monarch--do you see the dark dots on his lower wings close to his body?? That's the clue.

Secondary Roads said...

You must have spent away from Michigan. Why else would you call it soda instead of pop? Just curious.

Nice shots.

Ann said...

yep, seeing that old soda machine would have made me want to do an orange post too. I always called those indian paint brushes too

spinninglovelydays said...

Such lovely shades of orange. I love the Indian paint brush name - how very apt!

Auntie E said...

I love those Monarchs. we use to live in Pacific Grove, Ca., the monarch capital. I remember seeing them migrate there. Love your lens capture. I wonder how hard it would be to do an orange post.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ratty! I'm so glad to see you, my friend, and I'm glad I could give you something you always wanted!

Dennis- you can borrow it if you need it for an adventure.

Jean- I'm not really an orange fan myself, except that I like all bright colors.

rainfield- yes, I forgot to go to the kitchen

Carmen- I think there was probably a small store nearby, long, long ago.

Lin- no clue... just kidding. Really? I didn't know that - about the spots.

Chuck- well, I do always call it pop, but I grew up in NY, where it was called both, and those old horizontal coolers were just called soda machines. No logic there, I suppose.

Ann- believe it or not it made me thirsty for a cold Orange Kist. They had such an intense flavor. I'm sure it would be so sweet I'd hate it now, but the memory was nice.

Ivy- names sure can be descriptive!

Auntie E- I've never seen a swarm of them. How great!

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