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Monday, September 6, 2010

Today is Not Yesterday


How's that title for profound? Remember the day that the falling rain wouldn't show up in the photos? That sure wasn't the case today.

We've had thunderstorms all day. I had to stay disconnected from the internet quite a lot of the time.

I'm supposed to be working on a big project, due Friday. But I'm having trouble focusing.

It's cooler. That's awesome! And I made some granny squares that I can write up the directions for as an article on Associated Content.

That's about all for today.

See Moods of My Backyard- The Storm


Duxbury Ramblers said...

That's the sort that stings when it hits you - we would say it's coming down like stair rods :)
It has been wet here but we are still off to the seaside.

rainfield61 said...

Thunderstorms are never friendly. They blocked all our outdoor activities, included your internet access.

Glynis said...

Rain? None here since April. We will be due a coptic storm at the end of the month. It will be an electric one, so I will unplug and watch the coloured flashes over the mountains.
Enjoy your rain.

Ann said...

Loved the post title. We haven't had too much rain around here but it is starting to get cooler. I think tomorrows high is only supposed to be around 60

spinninglovelydays said...

I like the effect the rain had on the picture. It looks like a painting. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- I like that expression! Never heard that one.

rainfield- yup, I like most rain, but thunderstorms can get nasty.

Gylnis- since April???!!! That's weird. How do the plants manage?

Ann- we haven't gotten quite the rain we should have this summer. I think the colors may not be good this fall.

Ivy- I thought that too... It's like the colors got smeared.

RNSANE said...

Very pretty picture, Joan, with the rain. We haven't had any rain in awhile...it makes headlines if there is thunder and lightning..it just happens so rarely out here.
Goodness, I would hate to have to unplug the computer. Good thing, I can use the laptop on battery power.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- What I have to unplug is the internet connection. So I can still work on writing or some project that doesn't require me to be on line.

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