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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Abracadabra! Acadia to Argent

With just a little bit of magic,

Subaru Forester

I have turned Acadia Green to Argent (silver)

Subaru Forester

Actually, it took a great deal of magic. Not only is the color changed, but it's 9 years younger, has 190,000 fewer miles on it (not a typo), and is not rusting. And, oh yes, has an engine that runs. Most of the abracadabra was performed by Gary, of Fenwick Motors in Sarnia, Ontario.

Subaru Forester dealer

Let me make just one disclaimer. Buying a car in a foreign country is a challenge, even if that country is our friendly neighbor Canada. Now that I've said that, I need to immediately say that Gary, and colleagues Jen and Justin, could not have been nicer. Not only did they manage to make this whole thing work in one week, they drove me around to places in Sarnia (like the motel), and they helped move my stuff from car to car three times (don't ask).

Their final act of good will was to cover for a communication error that got me and the car to Warren, Michigan (to the dealer who was handling the US side of the transaction), but not my license plate. But, finally the car, me, all my stuff, and my license and proof of insurance were on the road headed for home.

Let me also say that there isn't enough good I can ever say about my locally owned and wonderful West Shore Bank. They handled the details for the wire transfer of funds, doing all of this entirely by phone. Having people who know you well enough that they recognize your voice and will do as you ask even if it's something quite bizarre as compared to your normal transactions is amazing.

Other people and companies also cooperated to make it all work.

The daylight ended before I was home, but I did make it.


Oh yes, I had to bite the bullet and fork over quite a pile of silver myself to make the magic permanent. I think the new car will be Magique Boulet D'Argent (the magic silver bullet). I could call it Madge for short, but I probably won't.

Tomorrow I will start some serious posting of flower show pictures.

See Stay Tuned
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Loretta said...

I find that whole process amazing and am very excited for you that the new wheels should serve you well for many more years and miles! Sorry you had to dig deep into your pockets, but I suppose the demiss of Acadia Green was ineviable and there would have been no "good" time for that to happen. many miles did that car have on it??

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I am always saying there are more good and obliging people in the world than we think you just have to find them, I really glad that all went well and I am going to tell everyone I meet today about the service from Gary & colleagues at Fenwick Motors even though were across the pond they deserve it well done :)

vanilla said...

Good people help make life, even its vicissitudes, a whole lot easier.

Glad you and Madge made it home safely!

Jean Knill said...

Congratulations on your new acquisition. May you have many happy years and miles together.

Secondary Roads said...

That all sounds complicated, but you do have a way of connecting with the right kind of people. It appears to have been yet another major adventure.

Lin said...

Hooray! A new car! sorry it was a crazy process....but that is soon forgotten, right? :)

Ann said...

nice new set of wheels you got there. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to get through that transaction

RNSANE said...

Well, Joan, with all the traveling you do, you are deserving of a new chariot. It's nice to have a bank that knows you well and facilitated your purchase. I hope your silver steed carries you happily over many miles.

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