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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday's Finds

Wonderful walk today. The temperature was in the 50s and the sun was shining. I walked about seven miles. I saw and heard red-wing blackbirds, and heard the first frogs of the year. In one lawn there were three chickens, all reddish with some gray feathers, strutting around hunting for a snack. In the very next lawn were three robins with their red breast and gray backs, strutting around hunting for a snack. It was as if the chickens suddenly shrank and became smooth and neat!

Of course I picked up empty cans. In Michigan, they are worth a dime apiece if they aren't smashed. Even if they are flat or too damaged, the aluminum can be sold for scrap. I came home with a whole garbage bag!

bag of aluminum cans

But, the best find of the day was in the morning. We walked out back and almost immediately noticed a piece of orange plastic caught in some shrubs.

radio weather balloon

We walked closer, and it looked like an orange parachute with a wad of white fabric underneath it.

radio weather balloon

The white stuff wasn't fabric at all, but heavy white latex. I followed the squiggly string attached to it.

radio weather balloon

At the other end we found a small carton.

radio weather balloon

It's a weather balloon! There is a postage-paid mailer inside and a message about how it's not dangerous, but to please return it for research purposes. I've always wanted to be the finder of one of these, and now one came down in my own back yard! I only wish I might have seen it drift in.

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Ann said...

what a neat find. Hope you are having a great day and a Happy Easter

Lin said...

Oh Cool! What do they do with those weather balloons?

Its_Lily said...

I guess we had similar experiences on Saturday. I took myself for a little paddle trip on which I saw and heard the Sandhill Cranes and Red-Winged Blackbirds. Then, when I was finished paddling I picked up empties in the woods. You're right, they're worth money and that makes it just a little better to be picking up someone else's trash.

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