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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Answers to Vocabulary Day- Feb 2013

vocabularyMy new words this month and the multiple choices to guess are found at Vocabulary Day- February 2013. Ann says the fichu is a tissue for the sneezing fish! That has to be the daffy winner.

1. fichu
b. a neckerchief- a triangular scarf worn in the 18th century to cover the shoulders and bodice.

2. chorine
a greenish gas you are thinking of chlorine
c. a chorus line dancer
a yellow mineral that would be chromium

3. vaporetto
d. a public water bus- used on the canals of Venice. They were originally powered by steam, hence "vapor"

4. simoon
a. a hot dry wind- particularly in the desert
an ape try simian

5. skirred
gathered I tried to trick you into thinking shirred
b. traveled rapidly- as in scurry. It's actually from the root scour- the way leaves might grate across dry ground when pushed by the wind

See Vocabulary Day- February 2013
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Lin said...

I didn't get a one of 'em. :(

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