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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013- Bonsai

We get one-day tickets for the flower show each year. That really isn't quite enough time to see everything the way I would like to. I didn't see the bonsai at all last year or the year before, so I made an effort to see the display this year. Most of the entries are from members of the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society, which has existed since 1963.

I wish I had taken time to let the people get out of the way before I took this picture. I love the way the live tree hugs the dead bleached branch. This is a Shimpaku Juniper, 40 years old, and it's been trained for 38 years.

Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai

This one is Ezo Spruce on a rock. It is 18 years old with 12 years of training.

Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai

This one was the biggest surprise to me. I had no idea you could do bamboo as a bonsai. The Calima Bamboo is 25 years old with 20 years of training. I love the desert island look, and the extra tiny island.

Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai

Part of the section was professionally done by the Rosade Bonsai Studio. I liked theirs a lot, mostly because the plants were part of some larger display. Although they were all impressive, I like seeing the tree in some coordinated setting. This one is a homey "niche." The tree is a Contorta Quince, about 25 years old. It was just getting ready to bloom.

Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai

This one was just awesome! I think the little building might be the same as the one I showed in 2010. If it is, they've stained it a slightly different color though. This is just the top of the hill with the building. There were several more trees and the pathway curved down the hill. It just made you want to shrink and visit.

Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai

Our trail club hiked today over difficult footing. But I'm keeping my promise to bring you green stuff and bright colors for the next few days.

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Lin said...

I imagine myself as a little wee person visiting those scenarios they create with bonsai. They are amazing and creative and oh, so patient!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Bonsai an intriguing art, they all appealed to me with the Ezo Spruce being my favourite.

vanilla said...

I think bonsai are little miracles. Never had the patience or artistic ability to create my own, though.

Ann said...

I think bonsai are totally fascinating. Way back when I was in high school someone had given me one as a gift. Of course that was long before I discovered I have no green thumb

RNSANE said...

I love bonsai. When I first moved to San Francisco, I had to collect about 10 of them. My favorite was a stand of little red maple trees. They changed colors in the fall, turning a brilliant crimson, then the leaves fell off and little tiny shoots came out again in the spring. They could've lived forever, almost but I didn't take very good care of them.

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