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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013- Fancy Lady's Slipper

Today, I bring you one more orchid from the Philadelphia Flower Show. There were several orchids with this basic shape. I found this very interesting, because this is the same shape as our most common northern wild orchids, the pink moccasin flower (or lady's slipper) and the yellow lady's slipper.

Sure enough, this is Paphiopedilum amarantine, and that genus is in the same family as our lady's slippers. I tried to look up something about this, and didn't find much that I understood, except that it's a fairly easy orchid to grow, as orchids go. It has successive blossoms for up to two years at a time. It's a cross between liemianum and moquettianum. You are on your own with that info. Since I don't know much about orchids, it's all Latin to me!

Philadelphia Flower Show Paphiopedilum amarantine

Philadelphia Flower Show Paphiopedilum amarantine

See Jordan River, for more native northern orchids
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Ivy said...

Lovely! And I love how flowers can have whimsical names like slippers and moccasins...

Ann said...

It's quite pretty

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