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Friday, March 1, 2013

Travel Time

Where do I try to go every year around the beginning of March? East, then south.

Today we drove down across Pennsylvania and through the Lehigh Tunnel.

Lehigh Tunnel

Here's a skyline that should look familiar.


Finally we are at the front door of friends/family. I promise people pictures tomorrow.

town house

Yup, I am in Philadelphia. My car is in Sarnia, Ontario. Dead. Permanently. Stay tuned for more developments. We are all headed for bed here. Everyone is exhausted for various reasons. The good news for me is that I didn't have to cancel the trip. All it takes is money. *eyeroll*

See Philadelphia Here We Are
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Secondary Roads said...

Hope you enjoy the visit and the flower show. So sorry about your car. Will stay tuned for details.

vanilla said...

Money: You can't take it with you; but evidently it can get you where you are going. Sorry about the death of the auto.

Ann said...

sorry to hear about the car but glad it didn't ruin your trip

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