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Friday, March 8, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013- Brilliant

The theme of the Philadelphia Flower Show this year was "Brilliant," supposedly a popular word in the United Kingdom. Overall, I thought this year's show wasn't nearly as good as some years. I suppose they can't all be superlative, but I felt as if many of the exhibitors didn't really use much botanical creativity, or integrity for that matter. I know absolutely that the UK has a lot of interesting plants that are similar to but not exactly like the ones in the US. I know that partly because of the wonderful blog posts shared by Carol of Duxbury Ramblers. However, for the most part, the plants used were standard garden stuff with a bit of heather stuck in.

My pictures aren't as good as I would like either. I had to take a bunch with the phone, and even when I held it still enough, most of those don't have great focus.

Nevertheless, I've got plenty of pictures to show you. Have no concerns along those lines!

I showed you the centerpiece, Big Ben, the other night. It was surrounded by a series of landscaped waterfalls.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

One large display was dedicated to recreating the Crown Jewels in plant material and flowers.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

Some of the various entries in the Standard Flower Show also focused on the UK theme. This was in the category of Store Windows. It didn't get any ribbon, and I agree with that (I don't always). It's quite static, and although the flowers are the right colors, they don't say London at all.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

There were a lot of entries in the pictures made with Pressed Flowers categories. One whole group had to include the Union Jack. Here's one of those.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

I would like to have taken pictures of the best/my favorite entries in each contest, and a good series of every major display. But that's just not possible with a one-day visit. As it is I took almost 800 pictures, and didn't see a few things, even in passing. Of my pictures, you'll probably see 50 or so, depending on how many days I blog about it.

Thanks for being patient till I got home to start the series.

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vanilla said...

A good start. We'll be here waiting!

rainfield61 said...

You must have a good time.

Everyone of us too.

Ann said...

My favorite is the last one.

spinninglovelydays said...

nice! can't wait to see more. are there miniatures aside from the bonsai? i love those!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

The bus and flag are really good and I thought the Crown Jewels looked almost as good as the real thing :) :)

RNSANE said...

I can't imagine just one day at that exhibit. You must've had your camera to your eye the whole time.

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