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Friday, January 2, 2015

Fantasy World?

With my head clearly in game mode, these details, seen the other day remind me of Riven (my other most favorite game). No ID for these mushroom condos.

shelf fungus

I think there is a central common area, with living spaces arranged around it. What goes on inside the tree stays inside the tree.

shelf fungus

This scene particularly reminds me of Riven. It makes me want to go exploring for Wharks.

icy stumps

icy stumps

I managed to get some other things done today, as well as playing TrainStation. I may be emerging from the addiction. Have to work tonight, of course.

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vanilla said...

Your words were traversing worlds with which I am not familiar, but I like the pictures.

Ann said...

I've heard of the game Riven but never played it. Cool looking mushrooms

rainfield61 said...

Welcome to the fantasy world of mushrooms.

Secondary Roads said...

I played the game that came before Riven. That was fun.

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- Riven is a puzzle game with fantastic graphics and devious ingenious machines.

Ann- Riven is tough but so much fun

Rainfield- I knew you would like this one.

Chuck- that was Myst. The graphics were really crummy compared to Riven.

RNSANE said...

Rainfield has introduced me to a whole field of mushrooms. These photos of yours are quite interesting. I didn't know they endured in such cold weather.

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