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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Gone!

I was out doing cases today and drove the same road on which I found the two silos from Silo Tops - 1, just last week. I mentioned that the barn attached to the first one had collapsed.

Now it's gone! Demolished, and the last of the rubbish is burning in a small pile near the middle.

hog hoe

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. People do occasionally deal with buildings that need to be removed.

Nevertheless, somehow it felt like I'd lost a friend I'd just met.

I guess the quality in this post is that it's a good reminder to appreciate people and places when they are available to us.

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Lin said...

Oh, that's sad. :(

vanilla said...

Not that I want to make your story about me, but yesterday I wrote a story of demolition and scheduled it to be posted on STSTT in the morning.

Buildings are just buildings, I guess, but memories are precious.

Ratty said...

I see many old buildings out here in the country that probably need to be torn down. None of them ever are for some reason. Maybe I just don't notice the ones that are.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Very depressing and sad that it had to be demolished :(

Ann said...

It is sad. I know how you feel, it's kind of how I felt when an elderly neighbors house was sold and torn down.

Secondary Roads said...

Your barn and Vanilla's hospital leaves me feeling just a little bit sad.

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