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Monday, January 26, 2015

What's Behind the Door?

I just liked this doorknob. A lot. But isn't it mysterious? Where would you end up if you opened it?


Ester has gone home, but she helped me with my project (this one won't be on the blog), and we had a great time. Good friends are the best!

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Ratty said...

Now you have me thinking of secret rooms and hidden treasures. Lots of things can be treasures behind the right door.

Aaron Lazar said...

Joan, I love antique doorknobs, too. This one is a beauty. So mysterious. You can't help but wonder not only what is beyond the door, but how many hands have turned this knob over the centuries...

Jean Knill said...

Hope we will get to learn the secret of what's behind the door, Jaon

Ann Thompson said...

I tried to peek through the keyhole to see what was on the other side of that door. The cobweb I spotted tells me that this is a seldom used room, maybe storage of long ago treasures.
Cool door knob

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