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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Christmas to Believe In

In serious need of some Christmas Spirit! I went to a spaghetti dinner and play put on by the youth group of Crossroads church. The pictures are going to look like a little kids pageant, but it wasn't, really.

Christmas pageant

The two on the right are narrators. One believes the Christmas story she is telling. The other one is not so sure. Above, they are reading about Zechariah and Elizabeth, on the day John is named.

Here, the wise men present their gifts. There were humorous touches and the narrators had lots of undertone lines and chit-chat that made it pretty cute.

Christmas pageant

The entire cast... a good sized youth group!

Christmas pageant

I've brought you other church nativity sets, so here is the one from Crossroads.



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Ann said...

maybe that's what I need, a Christmas play. I seem to be lacking in Christmas spirit right now.
LOVE that nativity. I've never seen anything like it before

Secondary Roads said...

How great to see a program like that.

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