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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Secret in the Hidden Pond

Took my three mile road loop walk today. There is a little pond on the way that is all but hidden in the summer when the greenery is taller. I know it's there, and have seen wood ducks. However, I've only been able to know that by taking long zoom photos and looking at them later. They were all so terrible, I never even put one on the blog, but I could make the ID because the ducks are so distinctive.

Not only is it hidden, but it's inaccessible, being surrounded by a large cattail marsh in standing water. You might be able to approach it from the back, but that's technically all private property. I've never tried, at any rate.


However, today, with the reeds broken down and no snow cover, look what the camera found. It's a fine muskrat lodge.

muskrat lodge

Oddly enough, the coloring of this photo is really interesting. All I did was zoom in more. Same time, almost the same vantage point (just a few steps apart). It almost looks like a negative.

Just for fun, here's the negative. It gives a most positive impression.

muskrat lodge negative

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Ratty said...

That's so cool! This is the kind of thing I always look for when I'm out.

Ann said...

I don't see a no vacancy sign up so does that mean there's a room available?....lol

Secondary Roads said...

I'm glad you captured an image of this delightful location.

vanilla said...

good job!

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