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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Laid-Back Christmas


The day was perfect for me. Hope Omer liked it too.

Nice sunrise. First day for a while that it wasn't gray and/or raining.

Christmas sunrise

Two sons called to say Merry Christmas. One of them stopped by with a nice fruit basket. It looks like there were some gifts to open, as well.

Christmas Gifts

The day cleared to be beautiful and crisp! Very welcome. If it can't be white at least it could be blue.

blue skies

We fixed a really laid-back dinner of real food- everything fresh (well, OK, we didn't cure the ham ourselves, but nothing from a can or frozen), and ate it casually. Then we snacked for the rest of the day.

plates of food

I got a game I wanted, and Om got books he wanted. Perfect.

I've reached the stage in life where I don't want to do big productions any more. I used to like it. Now, not so much.

Hope your holiday was perfect for you too!

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Ann said...

That sounds like the perfect day to me. Your dinner looks pretty tasty. I'm like you, I'm not in to big productions. Quiet and laid back is ok with me

The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like a good Christmas to me! We've got a bigger production going on, but we're coping!

Secondary Roads said...

A very quiet day for us too. Your meal looks great.

vanilla said...

The food you like, the gifts you want: Perfect celebration.

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