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Thursday, December 10, 2015

There are Strange Things Done 'Neath the Midnight Sun

Apologies to Robert Service, but today was pretty strange. You're never too old to do something for the first time, right?

I had to be at work at 8 am, but the temperature was supposed to get to 55 degrees. Laundry outside! So I hung clothes up in the dark. I've sure never done that before. They were flapping in the breeze as I left just before sunrise.


Who could believe I'd be drying clothes outside on December 10?

I thought I'd do some outside work this afternoon after I got home. It may have been warm, but it was (and is) so windy I really couldn't do much. I chased the clothes and clothespins from the yard before they left the county and then folded them inside.

My one other accomplishment was to trim that rose bush I hate for 51 weeks of the year. See link at end for its one redeeming quality.

rose bush

And the midnight sun? Well, I don't live that far north, but it is two weeks from the winter solstice. Very strange weather, although I do remember mild Decembers, as well as wintry ones. The sun left us at 5 pm. But it did so with style.


See Its One Week of Glory
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The Furry Gnome said...

Yes, it looks great for that one week! Nice sunset too!

Secondary Roads said...

You got me to thinking of "the men who moil for gold."

It certainly was windy today. The wind disguised those mild temps and made it feel "wintry."

Almost took a photo of the sunset it was beautiful here too. The documentary of the Lewis and Clark expedition called more powerfully than the fiery skies.

Ann said...

everyone has been talking about the unseasonably warm temperatures lately and yesterday we had customers dressed like it was June instead of December.
That sunset is really pretty

vanilla said...

Or drying clothes on the line at all. I take the line in in the winter and this past summer I didn't even bother to put it back up finally succumbing to the wasteful and unsatisfying practice of drying the sheets in a machine.

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