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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I asked for a game for Christmas, and received it. This is the sequel to The Neverhood, called Armikrog. It's a puzzle game, my favorite kind.

I've been playing non-stop since Friday, and finished it last night. This is the view from one of the rooms. I don't think it gives away any secrets, but gives you an idea of the game.


Apparently, I haven't yet had my fill of puzzle games, because I went back to Riven, which I've never finished solving, although I love it. The last time I played, I managed to remove a bridge that had previously been there, and I don't know how. So I'm kind of stuck. No matter, my gaming time (for these kinds that take thought) is pretty much over for now. I have to go back to work tomorrow morning.

Here's where I'm stuck in Riven. There used to be a bridge to this pontoon room. Now it's gone. But I have a couple new clues, so I guess I'm off to explore more, the next time I can play


If you are a Riven fan, and know how to get the bridge back, DON'T tell me.

Armikrog is rather linear. You mostly solve one puzzle and then you can do the next thing. Riven is not linear at all. There are five islands, and they are interconnected with trams or walkways, and you have to find clues all over the place which will lead you to information somewhere else. Things you learn or do at one location will affect things somewhere else, and you might get a set of symbols one place and learn that they also correspond to numbers at another place. Much more difficult.

See Riven- Samples
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Ann said...

down time with games is always fun. Riven however sounds like one that would frustrate me far too much

Secondary Roads said...

I enjoyed Myst. Perhaps my favorite was Return to Zork. My sons and I had started the Zork games when they were all text. Over time it morphed into a beautiful graphic game with real video clips.

vanilla said...

You need not worry about me giving anything away.

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