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Friday, November 9, 2018

First Snow- Winter 2018-2019

I do love the first snow of the winter. It seems more decorative than serious. Oddly enough, first snow was on the same date last year.

snow on branch

It hasn't yet managed to beat everything into submission. Even the dying grass is strong enough to resist.

snow on grass

The trees can't decide whether to embrace brown or white.

snow on tree trunks

Autumn is trying hard to hold its own in a few places.

snow on branches

And the sun managed to break out for a few minutes at the end of day.

sunset with Tyndall effect

In other news: I did a little housework and wrote a chapter. I'm really struggling with this book. I'm not sure I can write more than a chapter a day because it is taking a lot of mental energy, but I need to try or it won't be ready for Christmas.

See First Snow- Winter 2017-2018
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Ann said...

It hit here yesterday. Most of the day it was just a light snow and nothing was sticking. I woke up this morning and everything is covered in it. I've heard the plows run up and down the street already

Secondary Roads said...

You have developed a keen eye for catching those interesting "cameos" that are out there for all to see, but which do.

Lowcarb team member said...

Just had to stop by …
I enjoyed seeing your photographs, especially the last one - so nice to see the sun breaking through the clouds.

Here in the UK we've had a lot of rain today.

All the best Jan

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