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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Highest Point

Morton Road Hill

What a beautiful day! The sun came out and just look at the colors of blue in that sky!

It was a great day to show you one of the things I like best about where we live. I bet that if you live in the US, you think Michigan is flat. Well, a lot of it is pretty level. And if you live in the Rockies, I know you don't think that even what we do have counts for anything. But hey! We have the Lake, and with a little topography to go with it, it's very nice.

So, this view is overlapped with the photo from two days ago with the snowstorm. This is just to the left of that picture. But today you can clearly see a hump off there in the distance. Let me pull it in a bit.

Morton Road Hill

Now you can see the radio tower, which isn't perched right on the top of the hill, but on a level terrace part way up the hill to its right. That is the highest point in the county we live in, Mason County, at 955 feet. It doesn't even have an actual name. It's just sort of called Morton Road Hill. The hill behind it that looks higher in the picture is just a few feet lower, but looks higher because it has more tall trees, and maybe just the angle of the picture. The surface of Lake Michigan is 577 feet, so there is a 380 foot difference in elevation, over just 3.5 miles of horizontal change. So it seems like a pretty good hill!

We live on the top of a hill about 10 miles north of the high spot at about 850 feet. I don't think it's the second highest, but it's right up there. I've been to the Morton Road Hill and climbed to the top to see if I could see my house. I can't, but I can see the Scottville water tower, so I know where I should be seeing the house. There are just too many trees in the way from that vantage point.

blue sky with clouds

Finally, I just couldn't resist the colors in this sky! Maggie was more interested in something below the horizon. And, yes, we still have water. Hooray!

See Mason County High Point on Peakbagger


Glynis Peters said...

Catching up: Loved the bluebird on the wire, brrr the snow makes me feel chilly and am so glad you have water now. You painted a great picture of you upended retrieving your parts for the cartridge!

Joe Todd said...

Haven't seen blue sky in Ohio for awhile but I think today could be different. Then more snow LOL

Marg said...

Those are lovely pictures. It is so much fun to see a really pretty blue sky.And we are supposed to get some warmer temperatures this week end. Yippeee. The animals will all be so excited. Have a great week end.

Lin said...

I love the last photo! I like Maggie's red coat against the white snow and the blue sky. It really stands out!

Secondary Roads said...

You've got to love those sunny winter days with blue skies.

papabear said...

i think michigan is a nice place. once i visited a friend studying in MSU and i wanted to just moved there...LOL

Joanne Olivieri said...

What gorgeous sky shots. And, how glorious to wake up to the scene in that first photo. Snow is something we never see here so for me this is just a little piece of heaven.

Ann said...

The sun came out here today too and it's a beautiful day. Love those pictures especially the clouds in the last one.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Glynis! Well, I think if I had been in a different frame of mind I might have seen the humor in the upsey-daisy in the barrel!

Joe- We had blue sky again, but a lot of the snow melted. Bummer!

Marg- yes, I think Maggie had spring fever- she wanted to go out extra times.

Lin- I thought it made the sky look even more blue (although it didn't need much help). Hope Hobbes is better tonight.

Chuck- We know how special they are!

papabear- thanks for stopping by- I like Michigan quite a bit.

Jo- NEVER see snow? Bummer.

Ann- We sure welcome any winter day that isn't gray!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Glad to hear you have still got water.

Some really nice scenery - I could really enjoy walking the area.

Rick (Ratty) said...

That blue sky was hanging around clear across the state. My favorite part was looking toward the horizon and seeing a nice light blue, and then looking higher and seeing it gradually change to that deep dark blue.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Duxbury- I'm sure you would enjoy many of our Michigan trails! and I would enjoy yours.

Ratty- Yes, that variation was stunning- and so noticeable with the white clouds for contrast.