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Monday, February 1, 2010

Winner- A New Participant!

Here are the answers to the monthly quiz/game:

1. Houris means:
A. Extreme self confidence- this would be hubris
B. Perpetual virgins in the Persian Muslim paradise
C. Rich black dirt- try humus
D. A timepiece- an hourglass

2. A dolman is:
A. A breed of dog- were you thinking Doberman
B. An area of the ocean where there is seldom enough wind for sailing- try the doldrums
C. A type of robe from Turkish culture, the word survives in this type of sleeve
D. A specific type of hotel employee- a doorman

3. Fichu is:
A. A type of seafood- that's sushi
B. A location in Peru with Inca ruins- nope: Machu Pichu
C. An invasive species of plant- maybe kudzu
D. A shawl - a square of linen folded on the diagonal and worn across the bodice in the 18th century

4. Manque is:

A. Unfulfilled ambition- such as a frustrated artist might feel
B. A type of monkey- that's a macaque
C. A type of money- I just liked how the word sounded next to monkey
D. Irritation- maybe pique

5. Khukuri is:
A. A type of bird- maybe a Kookaburra
B. A leader of an oriental tribe- that's a Khan
C. A kind of knife- a curved knife of Nepal
D. A bald clown puppet- Kookla of Kookla, Fran and Ollie

Figure out two words that fit each set of definitions, the words will be exactly the same except for changing one letter. Easy example: a feline and the result of using a knife Answer: cat and cut
6. Light colored and unable to see blond and blind
7. To make smaller and a scream shrink and shriek
8. Salt water and to carry to the current location brine and bring
9. Antiquity and a member of the deer family eld and elk
10. Really weird and an eagle’s nest eerie and eyrie or aerie

There were four entries. The first came from a new participant. She entered within a couple of hours of the contest being posted, and got them all right! That is K (Kaye) of the Random WAHM Thoughts, and she will have an ad for a month!

Other entries were John of English Wilderness who made a valiant effort.
Chuck of Secondary Roads, and Ratty of The Everyday Adventurer both got them all right, but Kaye had already won!

Great job, everyone!

I'll have the top commenters soon


Random WAHM Thoughts said...

woot! i hardly win anything in my life, hee hee so this is greaaat! will email you my badge/button code ;)

thanks sharky! you're a love!

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

aww.. i didn't notice it at first. it's already posted! you're fast! hee hee.

RNSANE said...

Goodness, Shark, I don't know where I've been....I missed this quiz entirely! Sounds like it was a good one. Congratulations to the winner.

Julia said...

The last three were well beyond my mental ability! Congrats to the winners!!!

John said...

Thanks Sharkbytes, great contest. I was stuck on number 9. It seems obvious now! :-)

Secondary Roads said...

Congrats to K! And thanks to you Sharkbytes. That was a fun contest.

Ken Wooi said...

wow.. i've never heard most of the words mentioned! time to learn something new.. =)

Ann said...

Well congratulations to Kaye and good job to the other three who entered.

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

Nice work Kaye, how did you get in there so fast? Congratulations :-)

Rick (Ratty) said...

This was a fun one. The one about eld and elk had me stumped for a while. I got it at the last minute.