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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sean Pipes for Loretta

Last week Loretta was here, and our friend Sean came over to play the bagpipes for her. If you were a reader last year, I posted a snapshot of a similar event on Bagpipes for Loretta. But if you looked at that picture, you will notice that Sean is dressed just a bit differently now. He's been getting more requests to play, and wanted to look more authentic. Yes, that's the McClellan tartan he's wearing.

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Secondary Roads said...

What if the music in heaven is all bagpipes and accordions?

RNSANE said...

Oh, that was wonderful, Shark, and Sean looks really impressive. My nephew got married in kilts and had a bagpiper at his wedding...his mom is a McCrary. It was really lovely.

Auntie E said...

I love bag pipes. very nice Sean.

Jen said...

I like bagpipes even tho they seem to get a bad rap. Great job.

Ann said...

He does indeed look authentic and he plays very well.

Laane said...


And now a glengarry!!

Sharkbytes said...

Oh Chuck, you made me laugh out loud! That is too funny. Actually, I would have some difficulty with that... I like a lot of variety to go with my "wet" reed instruments.

Carmen- You have a really international family!

Auntie E- He really is getting a bit of a local following.

Jen- You do have to get used to them. My main problem is that they are SO loud.

Ann- He is quite authentic. He's hoping to go to Scotland to learn more of the family heritage.

Laane- Aw, shucks. He has one... even wore it to the house, but I didn't notice that he didn't have it on when I took the video. Thanks for stopping by.

Rick (Ratty) said...

He does a very good job. It's been quite a while since I've heard or seen someone play the bagpipes. The last time was, oddly, on a pro wrestling show, and a whole arena full of people were cheering for more.

Lin said...

Oh, I LOVE pipes. One of the colleges Colin is deciding on is the Marching Scots and they have a bagpipe band. If you play in that band, you get a free ride. Can you believe my kid wants no part of that???? I think it is the kilt that he has the problem with. Ugh.