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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blueberry in Sand

blueberry bush in sand

I know, I promised to introduce my friend, David. No, David is not a bush. But I just got involved in working on the new media program for Aug 3, and didn't get the right pictures scanned for this post. Then we had a little panic with getting an audio file converted to a format that another friend can work with to do some tweaks for me, and the phone kept ringing, and... you can see how my day went. But I got a lot done, just not the pix of David.

Anyway, this is just a lonely, stressed blueberry bush growing on top of a sand dune at the spot where Marie and I ate our last Lake Superior lunch on the Marquette hike. I like it, that's all... so I thought I'd share it.

Have a great day! Supposed to be even hotter and more humid here. We have fans running everywhere.


RNSANE said...

I have to agree, that blueberry bush does look a bit lonely all by itself. Did it really bear blueberries? Sand doesn't seem the right medium for growing blueberries, really.

VanillaSeven said...

So David is a stressed blueberry bush... :)

John | English Wilderness said...

It looks much healthier than my blueberry bush! :-)

rainfield61 said...

I thought David is George Bush.

Secondary Roads said...

Life is amazing. See how it thrives in a hostile environment. Perhaps a lesson for folks like us?

betchai said...

i always love pictures like this, how life continue to thrive despite the harsh environment, it's picture perfect.

Cynthia Blue said...

That is a very pretty bush! :) I so don't like humidity. bleh. I prefer our dry desert heat. :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a great lesson!

Ann said...

It is a nice little bush. I have those kinds of days all the time. If I only had just a few more hours in a day :)

Marg said...

Don't we all have days like that. The blueberry bush sure looks funny there in the sand. I bet it doesn't stay there long. Now if that bush isn't David, then we can't wait to meet David
Have a great evening.

BeadedTail said...

That blueberry bush is very lovely growing out of the sand like that! It does look like the perfect spot for a picnic!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- I don't recall that this bush had any blossoms (too early for the fruit).

Vanilla- well, some days he is quite stressed!

John- Wow, you must have a very sad bush!

rainfield- haha. I forgot to ask this bush what it's first name is.

Chuck- it WAS very hostile. This is at the top of a dune, right out in the full force of the wind. And yet it hung on.

betchai- yes, just a few feet farther inland and it would have been green and flowering. Instead it stood out on the edge of nowhere, and got its picture taken.

Cynthia- well, I like the greenness here, but the humidity is hard to take

dawn- I only thought of the pretty picture, but there is a lesson, isn't there?

Ann- I try to not have those days, but it doesn't always work

Marg- blueberry bushes like to grow in sand, but usually not so unprotected out in the wind

Beaded Tail- It was a lovely spot on top of a dune, and this was our table decoration

Ratty said...

This brings back memories of blueberry bushes we had growing along our fence at one place I lived when I was a kid. People from all over the neighborhood would come over to pick blueberries. There were always enough on those bushes.

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