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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Urban Trail: Petoskey - June 19

Little Traverse Bay

On Saturday, June 19, we hiked through Petoskey. We had to do some extra car shuffling in order to skip the 3 miles that are being saved for the August celebration. As we approached town on a short road walk we got a great view of the Little Traverse Bay, the portion of Lake Michigan just off Petoskey. We wondered what kind of sights we would see.

funny tree face

This tree, however, was very surprised to see us!

Petoskey Harbor

What we found was a really beautiful urban trail, the Little Traverse Wheelway. The southern end is still being constructed, but there are a lot of miles that follow the waterfront.
Petoskey downtown sign

There was a festival of some sort going on, so we saw a lot of people. The trail makes a really nice connection to the downtown area. I'm trying to keep the number of pictures under control, but there was a nice variety of spaces, parks, scenes, and interpretive info. We hiked 15 miles all together, and the day ended on a rail trail that went past a couple of small lakes.

Don't think that just because I like finding new plants and adventures a lot that I find more common sights boring. Some things will always bring a smile. Here's a majestic swan, and to end with, a lovely patch of water lilies.
water lilies


RNSANE said...

Fifteen miles! That's quite a long hike. Even though it wasn't on rough and arduous terrain, it seemed quite lovely, Shark. It's nice that the town built such a pretty walkway. Even folks with their babies in strollers could do some of it!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I love the different walking areas you have covered, like you say nothing is ever boring - well not to me, each year I may see the same flowers, birds plus a few new things - you know what I mean but I am still in awe of all that beauty that God created.

Ann said...

Love the tree, it does have quite the shocked look, whatever did you catch it doing?
The urban trails are beautiful, what a great place for a walk.

Auntie E said...

Oh I just Loved that tree! it reminds me of the Enchanted Forest,LOL. IT always a gem to find one with a natural face.

MKmA said...

beautiful place, love the flower lilies;)

Ryan said...

What a gorgeous area to explore, I think you interrupted the tre while it was whistling a tune to itself.

Ratty said...

Great stuff! I like the pictures so much that they leave me trying to remember your writing. I went back and read it again. I like the tree. It looks kinder than mine, but a little more alien. The urban trail is good. There is one like that that runs along the Detroit River now. I haven't been able to get a good look at it yet though.

Loretta said...

Love the tree! Petoskey looks like it is going to be a delightful place to explore after we hike those big 3 miles in August....can't wait!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- You've noted one of the interesting things about the NCT. It has so many diverse experiences... lots of times it's nice to come out of the woods and have access to restaurants and stores and a more peopled walk for a few miles.

Carol- You've hit it exactly! It's all about the experiences.

Ann- You are right, that tree does look a bit guilty... and I thought it was making a comment on us!

Auntie- I seem to find many watchers in the woods, but this one was very obvious.

Hi MKmA- Thanks for coming by and enjoying the lilies.

Hi Ryan- it does sort of look like it's whistling, doesn't it?

Ratty- so many cities and towns are reclaiming waterfronts for recreational use... it's great.

Loretta- It will be great to see you!

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