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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bird Game Answer

Did you try to find where the bird was in the picture yesterday? A couple of people got it... rainfield was creative and said it flew away! If you haven't tried to find it, it's too late now!

bird game locator

I've circled the bird, but it's still hard to tell what it is, so let's zoom in...

blue heron in tree

Can you see it now? This was a first for me- sort of. I knew these birds land in trees. They even nest in trees, but I've never seen one in a tree close-up.

blue heron in tree

I had no idea that a great blue heron- a bird that is about four feet tall, could perch upright on skinny branches. Just look at it! That must be quite a feat of balance, too.

blue heron in tree

See the feet? It can actually bend its toes around the branch like any small bird!

blue heron in tree

I'm really glad this one focused pretty well.

blue heron in tree

Finally it hopped to another branch, and there was more sun and color in this background. I watched it. It watched me. Then Ellen and I paddled away and left the heron in peace.

For a little humor... two guys in a fishing boat passed us just before we got there. One of them said, "There is a loon on your left, up ahead." Ellen just rolled her eyes. She knew they didn't mean it. (There are a few loons in our county all summer, but most of the water is too warm for them to stay past spring.) I think they must not be nature buffs, if they can't tell a loon from a heron.

See Dry and Scenic for a classic heron pose
See Gale's Pond- A Wonderful Day for a heron in flight


VanillaSeven said...

What the heron doing on that tree so high? Very unusual place for it to dwell.

Ratty said...

Hey, it's right where I thought it was! I came too late to the game to not be suspected of cheating though. I've seen a heron in a tree before, twice. Let everyone know if you ever find the identity of those ducks. I'll keep looking too because it's a very interesting mystery to me, especially after my crazy solution to it.

* Michael * said...

Nice to have captured all these beautiful photos on heron.

spinninglovelydays said...

Ooh, I missed the game! Love the bird pics though. The heron reminds me of Cynthia Voigt's "Solitary Blue" (big fan):D

rainfield61 said...

The heron certainly needs to control its breathing for not to increase extra weight onto the branch.

jeanlivingsimple said...

Darn...I missed the game also.
Very cool photos! The fisherman story was funny.:)

Secondary Roads said...

I could see it there, but would never have guessed that it was a heron. Internet connection problems, so I didn't file my comment. Very nice shot and very unusual. We watched several of these in a recently harvested wheat field the other day.

betchai said...

oh, though i see a lot of herons here, but never on a tree, this one is so unique.

Russ said...

Unusual to see them in a tree. I haven't been able to get close enough to get a good picture.Thanks

Auntie E said...

I saw it but never thought it would be a heron. Do not think I have ever seen one in a tree! Great shots.

vanilla said...

Was Ellen to your right when the boat went by? ;)

I did find the bird yesterday, but could not identify. Your study is very interesting.

Ann said...

I was right, that's where I thought it was. Of course i had no idea what it was though. He looks way too big for that branch when you see it up close.
Maybe the loons were in the fishing boat...lol

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- very normal for the great blue- see today's post

Ratty- Good for you! And you got the duck right too.

Michael- I was so fortunate to be in the right place and the right time.

Ivy- they are spectacular whenever seen.

rainfield- yes, that was one of the surprises... what a small branch it was sitting on. I would think it must weigh about 50 pounds.

Jean- glad you thought it fun, even if you missed it. There will be more games in the future. I've been too busy this summer, but I usually run one every month.

Chuck- there seem to be more than there used to be. I am glad.

betchai- I know the great blues and the greens, and the night herons all sit and nest in trees. What kinds do you have?

Russ- I suspect we just don't look in the trees very much for them.

Auntie E- I bet we have to be close to their environment to see them in the trees. This was in a narrow channel with woods on the sides.

vanilla- their directions were good, just not the identity of the bird!

Ann- loons in the boat. Probably!

Jazevox said...

nice capture, its great you decided to focus and take a closer look on it. its a great find for great shots

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